Welcome to the Railway and Mining Museum of Oignies

Where and Who are we/ Access and Prices

Public Opening

The center is open on the second sunday of each month from the April until October inclusive and during our open weekend. See our diary for details.

Access to the park surrounding Centre Denis Papin is via a railway carriage which is equipped with wheelchair ramps. Access to the ground floor of the centre is free of steps. There is a lift for access to other floors. There will normally be someone in attendance who can speak to you in English.

For normal Sunday visits there is no restaurant on site and no food available in the local bars. During our open weekend food and drink are available on the site.

Map for Centre Denis Papin

Arriving by Car

Parking is available locally. To the left is a map showing the directions to Centre Denis Papin by car. Alternatively Google maps will help with directions. Our address is Rue Emile Zola - 62590 OIGNIES, France

Arriving by Train

It is about a 15 minute walk from Libercourt railway station on the line from Lille to Douai and Lens.

Entrance Fees

The fees for visitors for this year are:

  1. Adults : 4.80€
  2. Accompanied children between 8 and 16 : 3.90€
  3. Accompanied infant less than 8 : FREE
  4. A group (minimum 20 but any day, not just Sundays) : 3.90€ each person (children 3.35€)
  5. The visit lasts approximately 2 hours
  6. For reservations (which must be made in French) contact the Town hall of Oignies